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Dariusz Wójcik
General Director Continental Opony Polska
Aneta Gawrońska
Member of the Board Managementservice Klęka Sp. z o.o.
Maciej Kasperek
Chairman of the Board Media4U

How does Hinter work?

Grow your business owing to valuable information from your employees

SaaS System to collect and analyze information
A set of standard questions. Replies are provided on a five-point scale presenting the extent of agreement, with a possibility to add comments and improvement ideas. The survey results take into account the organization’s specificity.
Selecting parts of the organization to conduct the survey 
and selecting the type of survey
A minimum of 50 individuals to take part in the survey.
Hinter sends a survey link to team members
Providing answers takes 7 minutes, on average.
algorithms analyze the data obtained
We apply organizational psychology and analyze the results in an innovative way.
Team managers receive a short list of recommended measures to be taken.
The result is based on an analysis of information obtained from employees (including comments and initiatives). It is precise and practical from the business perspective.
At the next stage, Hinter examines the outcomes of any measures taken
A schedule of next stages of the surveys is tailored to your business and its needs. Owing to regular surveys (e.g. on a quarterly basis), you can easily assess the outcomes of any measures taken.

How to use the Hinter application?

Why Hinter?

We translate survey results into the company’s money – we provide a justification for investment and cost cutting

Market advantages

  • We introduce Drivers™ – a method of data analysis indicating what determines what within the company.
    >> See example
  • Hinter suggests that managers should take actions to be performed immediately after the survey results, by getting involved in their work, based on the report findings.

  • We are capable of indicating interrelations between company data (e.g. the sales level) and the Hinter data (e.g. the way remote working is perceived in the company).

  • We deliver actionable information which immediately translates into business efficiency.

  • We maximize the amount of information for the company, while minimizing the effort involved in collecting it.

We change the approach to surveys in the company

  • Owing to our pragmatic approach, we restore the sense of meaning to staff surveys.
  • We share easily interpretable reports which give a new dimension to understanding your own organization.
  • We facilitate survey repeatability, and we record the continuous improvement process within the organization.
  • We create a platform for communicating difficult issues, rarely attainable in an ordinary conversation.

3X7 Approach

  • 7 minutes – the average time to fill in a simple questionnaire.
  • 7 days – a typical duration of a survey project.
  • 7 days – the maximum waiting time for a comprehensive report.

What makes us different from our competitors

There are no barriers to the launch and administration of a survey project
Brief and easy to fill questionnaires
Concise, highly readable and understandable online reports of the survey
The results constitute practical business recommendations

Korzyści dla zarządu

Nakładanie twardych danych biznesowych (sprzedaż, absencje, czas zatrudnienia) na miękkie dane (zadowolenie z pracy).

Pomiar i porównanie wyników między działami,lokalizacjami (również w innych krajach) – zmniejszenie bariery zestawiania danych

Pogląd na całą firmę z poziomu pulpitu – oszczędność czasu, komfort podejmowania decyzji

Obraz działań menedżerów z zespołem i wgląd w podejmowane inicjatywy

Korzyści dla menedżera

Wystandaryzowany model gromadzenia feedbacku od pracowników – zbieranie danych staje się łatwe

Precyzyjne i praktyczne wskazówki (hinty) do działania w zespole – konkretne rekomendacje działań nakierowanych na wskazane efekty

Wygodny, nowoczesny i funkcjonalny wgląd do „kondycji” zespołu po zalogowaniu się do systemu – oszczędność czasu i dostęp do wiedzy

Możliwość porównania wyników zespołu w czasie i do średniej firmy – możliwość rozliczania efektów działań / podejmowanych inwestycji

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About the company, we combine advanced technology with expertise

We have combined information technologies with substantial expertise accumulated over numerous years at Gauss Institute. The concepts of organizational psychology have been used to create the SaaS platform, which enables efficient collection of information from staff, an innovative way of analyzing the results, combined with manager activation.


How do I start?

It is really simple! Hinter will start operating on the date and at the time of your choice, once you have uploaded a database of your employees’ e-mail addresses.

What happens after the launch of the survey?

HINTER.AI communicates with the employees by e-mail to collect relevant information. In the course of the survey you have access to data on the survey attendance in particular company departments.

How do we analyze data?

We analyze employee data in a multi-directional and methodical way, and your company obtains practical actionable knowledge.

When do I get access to the results?

Reports are available within 7 days of the end of the survey. You will get access to the results of individual departments with specific action recommendations.

What to do with the results?

Hint Performer helps you efficiently implement conclusions from a survey in specific teams. Managers choose measures to be implemented among those suggested by Hinter.

How to verify the effects of changes?

Hint Performer helps management boards verify the measures taken by the managers. It constitutes good practice to repeat the surveys on a cyclical basis in order to monitor the changes implemented.

How much does it cost?

Contact us to get assistance in choosing the best solution for you.

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What does remote working in Poland depend on?


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